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It’s inevitable.

Camels resting in the Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan. I took this shot in December 2016 before we got to ride on them.

The slimmest volume can hold the heaviest world.

The weakest signal can reach the strongest shoulder.

The rockiest path can find the calmest shore.

The hardest seat can balance the most fragile soul.

So yes, this blackened heart will face the brightest Light.


– bH374


Thoughts and Dreams

Disturbingly strange, but very real-like, dream this morning.

Then again, I have been ODing on Harry Potter fanfiction again – which had ABSOLUTELY NO CONNECTION to the contents of this dream.

I only mention it because fanfics have a way of seeping into my everyday thoughts. And fanfics are just Awesomeness.

Hope you’re dream wasn’t as freakishly vivid or in-a-roundabout-way tempting (??)

Happy dreams x