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Thoughts and Dreams

Disturbingly strange, but very real-like, dream this morning.

Then again, I have been ODing on Harry Potter fanfiction again – which had ABSOLUTELY NO CONNECTION to the contents of this dream.

I only mention it because fanfics have a way of seeping into my everyday thoughts. And fanfics are just Awesomeness.

Hope you’re dream wasn’t as freakishly vivid or in-a-roundabout-way tempting (??)

Happy dreams x


Writing Clicks!

Hello World!

Best thing about writing?
When you hold that medium that clicks.

Like all impossibilities and negatives disintegrate and you’re left with the spark; the words and the world.

And for that time – before the rereads and the edits – you’re cocooned into this world of Perfection and every plan and plot is possible.

May it bloody last.

Happy writings everyone! And good luck!