Writing Clicks!

Hello World!

Best thing about writing?
When you hold that medium that clicks.

Like all impossibilities and negatives disintegrate and you’re left with the spark; the words and the world.

And for that time – before the rereads and the edits – you’re cocooned into this world of Perfection and every plan and plot is possible.

May it bloody last.

Happy writings everyone! And good luck!



Trying not to settle.

Calm down it says.
Not possible
It is as it has always been
Not telling

Calm down


I desperately need sleep.
Soon I tell my eyes. Soon I tell my skin.
Soon I’ll tell my palms.
Very soon, I promise my arches.
Never tell the bladder, it lies. Forever so.

They never answer in silence. They wither in a Sahara, thirst for Petroleum , retch out Ashes. Dear Cotton don’t be holy.

Good luck on end of year exams, assignments, deadlines and corrections.

Academia can be a bitch.