Interview? Conversation? Dude, Just Pass Over a Manual. A Test Sheet Is Also Welcome…

I don’t think I could class it as an interview.

Perhaps because my experiences with formal interviews (and their subsequent etiquettes) are pretty rusty, practically corroded. Either way there were questions but not unlike a conversation.

Is it usually a conversation? This freaks me out.

There should be a manual for these things. Which I probably wouldn’t read, after all I didn’t even write a list.

I’d like to know which words, feelings and thoughts are appropriate.

Never before this have I expressed an interest in studying psychology. Then I’d be able to psychoanalyse every reaction. Scratch that. I still DO NOT want to study psychology.

I’d die. [queue appropriate melodramatic melody]

But K (my sister) said something I’m very thankful for yesterday, amongst many other great things: “Everyone’s experience is different” and that I am not like sister A. She also stated that my mums knows this.

This brought me more comfort than she’ll ever know.

Because if we spend life thinking we should feel like this or we should be acting like that person, or she did it this way so it much be the way then how on earth will we be able to evolve and is not the way of true worship to live your life with all its whites, darks and colours yet still find Allaah? Building that connection with my Lord through all He gives me and all I try to give in return? I pray that whatever happens is for the best, that it is accepted by my Lord and my those that matter.

I pray that the result is a source of salvation and eternal happiness, joy and contentment. Ameen thuma Ameen. and unto you Peace.


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