Begin in the Names of Allaah… Reader, I am as human as you.

In the Name of Allaah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

I’m pleased to have started my first post in the name of my Lord. 

Over the years I have come to realise that my public writings have never leaned too close to my faith, never revelling in the beauty of my belief. And I found this mildly surprising as my upbringing and education has, alhumdulillah, been alight with the teachings and purity of Deen. So why is it that if one was to browse through every social network I clung to over the year, from the ancient mySpace to the beg-a-friend Twitter, you would hardly see the name of my Creator? Or even a exclamation of ‘Subhanallah!’?

At this point in time, this blog does not have a overall theme. If was to categorise it into any I would fall into that cliché pit and label it musings.

Yes, this first post declares my faith and sways over the history of my life and networking. It does not however encompass all I am. I am Muslim. I am human. I have hopes, dreams, interests and alhumdulillah the gift of a mind.

And in our hearts, in our voice that we hide from the world, we always, always, know the truth. This is the crux of the matter: No matter what law, order, judgement or folly we humour, in our hearts we truly does know when something is right or wrong; necessary or trivial. Our hearts when opened and listened to, free from all influences or tarnishes is the best of judges.

You, dear reader, may think me drifting. And you may just be correct but understand this: This is my blog and in it I hope to explore as much I am able. Explore, understand, practice, exclaim, be corrected and most importantly learn.

وعليكم السلام

(And unto you Peace)


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